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Monday, February 24, 2014

What's Going On Here?

Okay Mommy stopped helping me keep this blog up to date.  Shame on Mommy!  I think she forgot that I wanted to have my own blog.  Well anyhow, here I am again.  Mommy had some new pics taken of me.  One of those noisy children in the house took the pics because she can get right down in my face.  Can you tell I wasn't too happy about that?  This is my winter coat.  It's been really cold this winter so no haircuts for me.

Well I suppose she can take pictures of me and I won't bite, but she had best stay away from my food!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Why Don't Doggies Get To Go To Thanksgiving Dinner Too?

Whenever Mommy goes someplace, usually I have to stay at home.  It's soooooo boring.  Do you know how boring it is to stay at home when Mommy leaves?  And I worry too.  What if she doesn't come back?  She always promises to come back but what if.....?  Oh I don't even want to think about it.

Today Mommy went to Thanksgiving Dinner.  She didn't tell me that was what she was doing, but I just had a feeling.  She didn't bring me any doggie bag either. :(  That makes me sad. But I was so happy to see Mommy come back.  And she brought people with her.  So I got to visit some.  Mostly though I guarded my food dish.  You never know when someone might try to eat my good food.  Now I just wish Mommy would go to sleep.

Oh I almost forgot to tell you about my new food!  Mommy has started buying me the canned dog food.  I really like it so much better.  Well, I like one kind she buys better than the other kind.  But both kinds are much better than that old dry food made soft and soggy with water or broth.  Right now Mommy is feeding me Mighty Dog from their small can and if I am lucky I get one can in the morning and another one at night.  Otherwise I get to eat the dry food that has soaked in water for a few hours, then mixed with a big can of Pedigree chunks with gravy dog food.  Mommy says the Mighty Dog smells good like canned beef stew you get for people in the store.  But she doesn't say that about the Pedigree canned food.  She doesn't say much about that at all except to come and eat it up.  I wonder if that canned beef stew you get in the store for people is good because that Mighty Dog canned food sure does smell good.  I never have a problem eating it all up.  It takes me longer to decide to eat the Pedigree canned mixed with dry.  I've never had the Pedigree canned without it being mixed.  Mommy is trying to save some money buy buying dry and mixing it with canned to make the canned last longer.  But no matter what she gives me that is for dogs, I still want her to share her food with me.  Next time I am going to ask Mommy to put up the list of foods that are dangerous for dogs to eat. 

Okay that's it for tonight.  I'm tuckered out.  Good night.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Even though Mommy and I don't live in the danger zone of this dreadful hurricane, we still felt the effects.  Mommy had a bad sinus headache for a couple of days and I basically just kind of hid out.  You see I am afraid of noises and wind and storms and...well the list goes on and on.  Mommy doesn't know what my life was before I came to live with her and there is no way for me to tell her.  I seek out hiding places in the house.  One of those hiding places is inside the base of Mommy's recliner and she does not like for me to go there.  Mommy says she is afraid that I am going to get my tail or feet pinched or hurt badly in the moving mechanisms that make the recliner open and close and if I go inside while she has her feet up, she may get "stuck" there, afraid to move and hurt me.  So when I get scared, Mommy usually remembers to put my leash on me so I hopefully don't go inside the chair.  But if I do, she can try to get me out by tugging at the leash.  That doesn't always work though.  So she usually tries to keep me up in the chair with her.

Monday night, the winds were being particularly noisy, whistling through the windows and making the windows rattle and doors sound like someone was knocking or opening them.  I was so scared.  Mommy put my leash on me and kept her feet down too because I was just too scared to sit in the chair with her.  Mommy tries.  She holds me close and cuddles me, talks to me softly and tells me it is going to be okay, but somehow I am just too scared.  Finally I was so tired I went over to my bed and went to sleep and Mommy was able to put her feet up again and try to sleep too.  (Mommy sleeps in her recliner.) 

It was hard for Mommy to get me to go outside for my walks during all this wind.  But once we were outside it wasn't as loud and noisy or scary as it was inside.  But it was wet.  It was drizzling and cold so we couldn't just stay outside.  Mommy said her head felt better outside though.  We just couldn't win.  Headaches and trembling inside and cold, wet drizzle outside.

I hope all the dogs and cats and other pets that had to go through that bad hurricane got through it safely.  I hope their Mommies and Daddies got through it safe too so they can be there to comfort and take care of each other.  Mommy looked at some of the pictures of the mess after the storm.  It looks very scary.  Many people and pets lost their homes.  A lot more don't have any power to make sure the homes they do have can be warm and well lit.  As scared as I get in storms, I bet those dogs and cats are even more scared than I was.  I know I am safe now, but they are still dealing with all the aftermath.

Mommy said something else too.  She said that the guards who have stood guard non-stop for decades at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier did not go inside or get to shelter during the hurricane.  They stayed there and did their job guarding the tomb.  Amazing!  I hope they are alright and that the ones who had to go through the worst of the storm are safe and dry inside now.  Mommy and I are saying our prayers for all of the people affected by Hurricane Sandy

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Looking Toward The Right Side

My mommy and I were looking for some fun and interesting things to add to this blog and came up with three link lists for you to check out.  One is a listing of places to check into if you are looking to rescue a dog like I was rescued.  Then there is one about Dog Trivia and Fun Facts.  I think you will really like that one too. 

These are some of the kinds of things I want to offer you in this blog.  It's all about dogs. Dogs in the news, dogs in trivia, and maybe even some YouTube videos of dogs now and then just to make it more fun here.

Mommy said that this week the weather is going to get much colder, windier and wetter than it has been for awhile.  We might even get snow.  She said there is a big bad storm called a Super Storm out in the ocean and it is blowing this way.  We won't get the worst of it, but it's still scary that maybe the power would go out.  I get so cold.  But I hope all the dogs and cats are safe out there where the storm is really bad.  Pray about them, okay?



Friday, October 26, 2012

My First Blog Post--How Very Exciting!

This is so exciting.  Mommy actually stepped away from her computer long enough for me to get a chance to talk to the world.  And I have so much to say to everyone.  But the first thing I want to say is how nice it is to get to speak out for dogs here.  Well dogs mostly, but other pets too.  You see, I've been rescued.  Yep, I'm one of "them", the dogs (and cats) you find at shelters who are about to be put down because no one wants them.  I was a lucky little scruffy-haired, matted, dirty ShihTsu the day my mommy's daughter found me.  At first I thought I was going to be her dog and live at her house.  But the next day after having my coat washed and brushed and clipped until I looked very handsome, my Sissy (that's what I call her now) put me in the car and took me to my new Mommy's house.  It was a very tiring day and almost immediately I fell asleep on Mommy's couch.
I've been with Mommy now for almost a year.  We don't know when my birthday is or how old I really am.  When Mommy and Sissy took me to the vet he said he thought I was about 8 years old.  That was last year, so that makes me about 9 years old now.  I think Mommy said she will use the date I came to live with her as my birthday.  That's when I got my new name and new home so it sounds good to me.  But I wonder if Mommy will get me a birthday present. 
Okay that's about all for now.  It's late and Mommy said it's past my bedtime.  So until next time I am going to start looking for good ideas for things to write about here.  Mommy's going to make my blog look pretty too.  In the meantime, you can go read about some of the things that have happened this past year with Mommy.  You can find all that at my Squidoo Store.  Well, it's kind of a store.  It's my rescue story and how I've been doing since I came to live with Mommy.  But I get to sell some things on there too.  That way Mommy thinks that I can help pay back Sissy for all the money she spent to save my life and bring me home to Mommy.  I hear that I cost quite a bit of money once it was all added together.  I would really really appreciate it if you would go visit my Squidoo ShihTsu Store.  Hey that rhymes!  I like that name.  Here is the address to go visit my store. Jonah's Squidoo ShihTsu Store

That's me playing in some pretty weeds.  My Mommy is a photographer so that's her logo in the corner of the picture and she says this picture is copyrighted and nobody can use it without my permission (and hers too).  Ok, goodnight now.