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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Even though Mommy and I don't live in the danger zone of this dreadful hurricane, we still felt the effects.  Mommy had a bad sinus headache for a couple of days and I basically just kind of hid out.  You see I am afraid of noises and wind and storms and...well the list goes on and on.  Mommy doesn't know what my life was before I came to live with her and there is no way for me to tell her.  I seek out hiding places in the house.  One of those hiding places is inside the base of Mommy's recliner and she does not like for me to go there.  Mommy says she is afraid that I am going to get my tail or feet pinched or hurt badly in the moving mechanisms that make the recliner open and close and if I go inside while she has her feet up, she may get "stuck" there, afraid to move and hurt me.  So when I get scared, Mommy usually remembers to put my leash on me so I hopefully don't go inside the chair.  But if I do, she can try to get me out by tugging at the leash.  That doesn't always work though.  So she usually tries to keep me up in the chair with her.

Monday night, the winds were being particularly noisy, whistling through the windows and making the windows rattle and doors sound like someone was knocking or opening them.  I was so scared.  Mommy put my leash on me and kept her feet down too because I was just too scared to sit in the chair with her.  Mommy tries.  She holds me close and cuddles me, talks to me softly and tells me it is going to be okay, but somehow I am just too scared.  Finally I was so tired I went over to my bed and went to sleep and Mommy was able to put her feet up again and try to sleep too.  (Mommy sleeps in her recliner.) 

It was hard for Mommy to get me to go outside for my walks during all this wind.  But once we were outside it wasn't as loud and noisy or scary as it was inside.  But it was wet.  It was drizzling and cold so we couldn't just stay outside.  Mommy said her head felt better outside though.  We just couldn't win.  Headaches and trembling inside and cold, wet drizzle outside.

I hope all the dogs and cats and other pets that had to go through that bad hurricane got through it safely.  I hope their Mommies and Daddies got through it safe too so they can be there to comfort and take care of each other.  Mommy looked at some of the pictures of the mess after the storm.  It looks very scary.  Many people and pets lost their homes.  A lot more don't have any power to make sure the homes they do have can be warm and well lit.  As scared as I get in storms, I bet those dogs and cats are even more scared than I was.  I know I am safe now, but they are still dealing with all the aftermath.

Mommy said something else too.  She said that the guards who have stood guard non-stop for decades at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier did not go inside or get to shelter during the hurricane.  They stayed there and did their job guarding the tomb.  Amazing!  I hope they are alright and that the ones who had to go through the worst of the storm are safe and dry inside now.  Mommy and I are saying our prayers for all of the people affected by Hurricane Sandy

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