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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Looking Toward The Right Side

My mommy and I were looking for some fun and interesting things to add to this blog and came up with three link lists for you to check out.  One is a listing of places to check into if you are looking to rescue a dog like I was rescued.  Then there is one about Dog Trivia and Fun Facts.  I think you will really like that one too. 

These are some of the kinds of things I want to offer you in this blog.  It's all about dogs. Dogs in the news, dogs in trivia, and maybe even some YouTube videos of dogs now and then just to make it more fun here.

Mommy said that this week the weather is going to get much colder, windier and wetter than it has been for awhile.  We might even get snow.  She said there is a big bad storm called a Super Storm out in the ocean and it is blowing this way.  We won't get the worst of it, but it's still scary that maybe the power would go out.  I get so cold.  But I hope all the dogs and cats are safe out there where the storm is really bad.  Pray about them, okay?



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