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Friday, October 26, 2012

My First Blog Post--How Very Exciting!

This is so exciting.  Mommy actually stepped away from her computer long enough for me to get a chance to talk to the world.  And I have so much to say to everyone.  But the first thing I want to say is how nice it is to get to speak out for dogs here.  Well dogs mostly, but other pets too.  You see, I've been rescued.  Yep, I'm one of "them", the dogs (and cats) you find at shelters who are about to be put down because no one wants them.  I was a lucky little scruffy-haired, matted, dirty ShihTsu the day my mommy's daughter found me.  At first I thought I was going to be her dog and live at her house.  But the next day after having my coat washed and brushed and clipped until I looked very handsome, my Sissy (that's what I call her now) put me in the car and took me to my new Mommy's house.  It was a very tiring day and almost immediately I fell asleep on Mommy's couch.
I've been with Mommy now for almost a year.  We don't know when my birthday is or how old I really am.  When Mommy and Sissy took me to the vet he said he thought I was about 8 years old.  That was last year, so that makes me about 9 years old now.  I think Mommy said she will use the date I came to live with her as my birthday.  That's when I got my new name and new home so it sounds good to me.  But I wonder if Mommy will get me a birthday present. 
Okay that's about all for now.  It's late and Mommy said it's past my bedtime.  So until next time I am going to start looking for good ideas for things to write about here.  Mommy's going to make my blog look pretty too.  In the meantime, you can go read about some of the things that have happened this past year with Mommy.  You can find all that at my Squidoo Store.  Well, it's kind of a store.  It's my rescue story and how I've been doing since I came to live with Mommy.  But I get to sell some things on there too.  That way Mommy thinks that I can help pay back Sissy for all the money she spent to save my life and bring me home to Mommy.  I hear that I cost quite a bit of money once it was all added together.  I would really really appreciate it if you would go visit my Squidoo ShihTsu Store.  Hey that rhymes!  I like that name.  Here is the address to go visit my store. Jonah's Squidoo ShihTsu Store

That's me playing in some pretty weeds.  My Mommy is a photographer so that's her logo in the corner of the picture and she says this picture is copyrighted and nobody can use it without my permission (and hers too).  Ok, goodnight now. 

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